Support parameterless bangs

Brave search seems to copy duckduckgo’s bang system except when doing a bang without a parameter for example “!yt” rather than “!yt example”, it doesn’t redirect you to youtube. I use this feature very often with ddg so lack of support is an annoyance for me.


Agreed, a feature to search in other sites search engines or a redirection to such sites in the style that DDG and Qwant do would be an welcome tool, i cannot fathom to use a search engine without such aid for long these days. But i typed !g “something” on brave search and it did lead me to google, but if you leave just !g and the rest blank it will not lead you anywhere. Maybe they already implemented, just didn´t indexed them all…

Agreed, this is one of the main reasons I haven’t switched from DDG yet.

Just to update — this feature is available for all users :+1: