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It is stated that not all countries support the program at this stage. Us have sanctions to Russia. Do you impose sanctions on users from Russia for the fact that the US government imposes sanctions on Russia?

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Brave doesn’t impose sanctions on anyone. I’m pretty sure Russian users are just fine – it’s just that we can’t payout to countries on the “Terrorism Supporting Country” list as per US law.

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To comply with Uphold policies, we will not be able to use their services in regions that are not compatible with their policies.

That said, one could see a potential scenario where Brave partners with a service provider similar to Uphold for a region that does not have the same policy conflicts.

Russia is not on our immediate list of geos we’re supporting with Brave Ads, though it is in the plan for one of the two future geo-rollouts. We’re currently in discussions with several potential partners in Russia for the ad platform, so being able to support this region is something we’re putting resources into research for the proper go-forward strategy to support the region.

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wow, thanks so much for reply, is good news!

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