Support of Argon2 in JavaScript by Brenden to enhance current and future features


I just read about the improvement of bcrypt and move towards the latest generation in the cryptography field to Argon2. It would be brilliant if Brave could be the first browser to incorporate this with the Built-In solution I’m proposing - better -and or around the browser in general.

If you read one of the articles below it tells how PHP was one of the first to support the new form of cryptography in its language and it got me thinking, if Brenden is essentially the inventor of JavaScript and the team is practically maintaining this Brave browser in JavaScript, perhaps Brenden can also support Argon2 and thus make significant changes to the browser with this new gen.

I suppose one simple and obvious place it can be used that is if the browsers language supports it, is in Brave’s Built-In password management, could it not?

I was actually in the process of commenting it on this topic - Built-in encryption solution for secure emailing functionality without addons for all email services but I figured it deserved it’s own topic.