Support is Ignoring Me?

Is it so sure? Im being Ignored?? My balance is pending since May 8. My balance was in there last month around April 8 to May 8… And it was said to me that my balance should be there for around 1 to 30th of the past month. And yes my balance is like that…

How come no one cares!??? Im being ignored!

Ill keep on posting here. Until my balance is payed out…


We do care. Please understand that there have been an overwhelming amount of people asking about their specific account.

Does your publisher dashboard still say ‘pending’ right now? Our payouts should have concluded for this month’s cycle.

Yes it says pending… And there what says below about next deposite will be in June 8 thank

There are people or members are payed last May 8… But how come its already May 10,

The reason i posted this again. I was left behind by one of your team members… And never got replyed… Or maybe. Thats the same here again. I will be left out after you reply… Thats all

mine was too… it was in under review… please support group please read our inquiries… thank u

See… No one replys again… Just what i thought…

If you are currently under review or suspended, please refer to : Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

Please don’t mix threads topics.

Hi @Claud11, this was the last topic before I went to sleep (gotta do that from time to time).

So if your dashboard still says ‘Pending Payouts’ and the amount hasn’t changed at all, that certainly feels like a bug.

Just to be certain, is your account currently under review or suspended?

@Claud11 hello again.
Apologies for late response.

I’m just helping the team here. So I hanging around in this forum whenever I can. :slight_smile:

Usually, we’ll answer at least within 24 hours. If not answered, you can bump your topic and mention the moderators.

Based on the screenshot, it’s already changed to June 8th.

@Claud11 just want to make sure.
When you connecting your verified Uphold account?

Hi alex and eljuno. My uphold is verified since i joined brave… Everything is connected. My youtube channel and uphold. And if this is a bug. Please do something so my account will be paid. Others are paid right? I join brave last april and gained my points from youtube. And What? I will till june 8 again for my payment? Then better to say good bye brave if that happens. I dont know what is the problem… Ive looked at brave a great team but. Why??

Hi Sir Alex. My account is not suspended or what. But it just says. Pending payout since may 6… And i am waiting for my balance to be paid since may 8. But nothings change ever since may 10…

There are too many ways to be paid in BAT right? And BAT is connected to coinbase now?? Why dont you add another way to pay your users right? Like Coinbase… I was reading an article and you have a coonection with coinbase at all.

Thanks for the info @Claud11. Let me cc @Asad for additional assistance here regarding your issue.

BAT is ERC-20 token, so any exchange can support BAT. For now, verified Uphold account is required in order to receive the contribution. But the team also exploring other method for payout.

No prob with that sir. I am willing to wait until my payout… And yes my uphold is verified. Crystal clear. Thats all

But it is better not to wait until june 8… Please

hi there… when will my balance be payed out?? Ive been waiting the whole day. But no reply from the team :slight_smile:

Hi @Claud11 it is the weekend, so there isn’t much I can ask of the internal team right now. There are a handful of folks I have found who have a similar issue to yours. I am trying to get to the bottom of it.

I am doing my best to make sure a resolution occurs in a timely fashion, but I’ll also need your patience on this. I didn’t forget you. :slight_smile:

Hi there. I still dont see my bat on my account. How come?? Its 16th of may now… But still nothing

If you didn’t get paid out there are a couple likely reasons:

  1. You verified with Uphold too late. If you verified after the 1st of May, then your balance will be paid out in June.

  2. You were credited BAT during the freeze period. Perhaps you got a tip or a contribution during this time? Any BAT that your account accrues after the 1st of May will be paid out in June.