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Does Brave on Windows Desktop support using Brave on Android as a passkey? If not, are there plans to add it?

Demo site:


I can’t seem to get it working on Desktop version of Brave.

It says to check the notification on your phone but nothing appears and it times out on the Desktop.

I’m guessing it’s not supported on Brave.

Anyone have any success?

Hello @Darth123, thank you for bringing this to our attention. For more information about this topic, please read:

Hope it helps. Regards.

@Darth123 I am really curious about this topic. As far as I know, any feature available in chromium, is also available in Brave. There are a few exceptions which can be found at: Deviations from Chromium (features we disable or remove). I may have missed it, but I didn’t find Passkeys referenced which leads me to think Passkeys using Google Password Manager, if not other password managers, is available on your Android device per the reference quoted below.

Introducing passkeys in Chrome
With the latest version of Chrome, we’re enabling passkeys on Windows 11, macOS, and Android. On Android your passkeys will be securely synced through Google Password Manager or, in future versions of Android, any other password manager that supports passkeys.

Just curious if you are still experiencing a problem or if your issue has been resolved. If it has been resolved, can you please post an update on actions you took to resolve? I don’t use Android devices but maybe someone who does and is using this feature will pop in with some tips! Hope so. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I have confirmed that passkeys should be working cross platform at this point. I assume you’re on MacOS @Darth123 since the permissions for bluetooth were modified in a way that broke support for this throughout all chromium features. This should be fixed when we merge Chromium 110 in, but in the meantime you can fix this yourself by granting Brave permission to the bluetooth via the OS by going

Settings > Privacy and Security > Bluetooth and making sure Brave has access to Bluetooth like so.

Here’s the related chromium bug:

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@kdenhartog Thanks for the information. The OP is on an Android device, not MacOS. Would Android devices also experience this issue? Hopefully enabling bluetooth and verifying Brave has access works on Android devices too!

Yes, it’s an issue of the device which is hosting the QR code which is the issue. It’s supposed to be opening a bluetooth listener for the signed authenticator request according to the CTAP protocol but because it doesn’t have permission from the OS it’s not able to setup the connection it’s not able forward the request to the authenticator and then receive the response from the authenticator and forward it back to the site. I’ve confirmed this works for mobile (android) to mobile (iOS) setup already. Depending on how the site has configured registration it is also possible to register additional devices via email like what does, but I don’t believe this is a requirement of the protocol so it’s not a guaranteed supported flow for every site that relies on the passkeys API.

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