Support for Oblivious-DNS-over-HTTPS (oDoH)

IETF recently published the RFC 9230 (oDoH). That means it is not a draft anymore but a live standard:

It would be great to have this on Brave.

PS: DoH (DNS over HTTPS) and oDoH (Oblivious DoH) are different things.


Abstract [portion]:

This experimental protocol has been developed outside the IETF and is published here to guide implementation, ensure interoperability among implementations, and enable wide-scale experimentation.

Status of This Memo [portion]:

This document defines an Experimental Protocol for the Internet community. This is a contribution to the RFC Series, independently of any other RFC stream. The RFC Editor has chosen to publish this document at its discretion and makes no statement about its value for implementation or deployment. Documents approved for publication by the RFC Editor are not candidates for any level of Internet Standard; see Section 2 of RFC 7841.

Really want to see BRAVE on top of this! This is a critical improvement!


Agreed. Already available in Firefox and would love to see it in Brave.

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UPDATE: Chromium is implementing oHTTP, which is related to oDoH. It is even better than oDoH.

They pushed the first oHTTP commit yesterday (Oct 19, 2022):

oHTTP has the same concept as oDoH but it is for all HTTPS communication, and not just DNS. It’s Apple’s Private Relay, but as an open standard:

Considering DoH uses HTTPS for DNS resolution and oHTTP is HTTPS using two proxies, I assume the Chromium team will implement oDoH by calling DoH over oHTTP. This would mean once we have oHTTP, we have oDoH at the same time or right after.

And they are implementing oHTTP on Chromium’s network library, called “QUICHE”. I don’t know if Brave uses QUICHE too, but I suppose it does, as Chromium is the base for Brave. If that’s the case, oHTTP will soon be available in Brave.

I guess we will have oDoH and oHTTP by no later than April 2023 (6 months from now), but possibly earlier.

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