Support for multiple user or launch profiles


Exactly my thoughts. Separate profiles/ tabs are for me very important regarding security and privacy. I am happy Brave offers a new session tab, a very important option, but it is not always working smooth. On Flickr when I am logged in in a new session tab and then close and re-open Brave, sometimes i am still logged in, other times logged out ( without me removing data when I exit from Brave).


Yeah, well thought out user profiles with passwords would great.
Chrome as it is does this half heartedly, so there’s room to beat them :slight_smile:

Start Brave -
Be forced to select a profile - or guest
fill in password (or fingerprint / face reg)
all bookmarks / passwords / cookies are yours
auto logout option in closing browser

Thanks for considering!


Would love this so I could use it work both work and private =) always important to separate those 2


This is the only feature that is holding me back from using Brave full-time as my default Browser.


1 thing i dont like is the idea of face recognition…
even finger print…

thats a security risk…

think about it… if someone really wanted to use your profile with face recognition these days, all they need is a picture OR LIVE VIDEO PLAYING Back to the browser and pc…

and as for thumb print or anything finger… similar issue… god forbid something happen with a break in to someones house and your in there, have that tool set up…
a criminal can come in, and again get you to do so… i think its been proven that even after you die there are seconds if not a minute or whatever where a criminal can get that print they need to unlock the profile…

just like tv and movies hollywood makes for example… i am not 100% certain but i dont like that idea either…

atleaest with a pin code if you die the person cant immediately get into the profile…

btw my stepdad tried the thumb print lock feature on his cellphone 1 time… had an issue, called me up and asked me if i ever did it (said nope) but tried to help him…

anyways he had to go to the carrier and have his cellphone reset…

now ask yourself this… lets say you do fingerprint security, have an operation, even become a burn victim from a fire your hands are messed up though you used the security feature…

how do you UNLOCK YOUR PROFILE?? You Cant Contact the Brave Browser Community BECAUSE YOU ARE LOCKED OUT OF YOUR PROFILE…

dont get me wrong , in general i like the idea of say multiple profiles
but i would sick with a pin number (any length (preset in the options))
or a pw code

but nothing more than that…
Food for thought

Mark :slight_smile:


This is a MUST have. Only reason I’m not using Brave full time.


Count my vote for profile feature…I guess this feature will make Brave 10/10…Id base profile would be highly appreciated .



I’m new to brave and i’m currently looking into setting it up in a way i can use it for work in a profile and personal browsing on another, this would also imply using different extension accounts with LastPass (work/personal account). Could someone shed light upon my thick skull on how feasible this is?


I also need this feature a lot. Having multiple profiles on top of isolation between them is very critical for me. I had one profile for personal use and one for work previously (I work from home). Now I’m using Brave for personal use and still I’m forced to use chrome for work. This and Android sync are the most critical missing features yet, but still using and supporting Brave. Keep it up guys :slight_smile:


I’d switch over but the profiles is stopping me, need to be able to separate work and personal bookmarks and passwords.


just gonna pile on here - I love Brave and would love to use it instead of Chrome, but profiles are core to how I organize my digital life!