Support for multiple user or launch profiles


Both Firefox and Chrome support multiple launch/user profiles. I find this feature particularly useful when I need segregated, authenticated sessions on sites that do not support multiple simultaneous logins.

Brave Just for me

Have you tried using our numbered sessions available by File -> New Session Tab ?


My wife and I are sharing the same Laptop and we use 2 different Chrome user ID which allow us to switch seamlessly from each other set of bookmarks and setups.

I have migrated my Chrome bookmarks to Brave, how can I migrate my wife ones too?

Is the File -> New Session Tab offering this option?

Thanks in advance


Sorry for the late reply. I have tested New Sessions Tabs, though I find them limiting for a few reasons:

  1. They’re numbered rather than labeled.
  2. The [Cmd|Ctrl]-T shortcut maps to the original session exclusively.

My use case generally involves having multiple profiles open in different windows, which in turn are generally placed in different workspaces on my desktop, or on different displays, or a combination of both. Numbered Session Tabs may be useful for more transient breaks from the primary browsing session, but are considerably more work to manage in comparison to what I can accomplish in Chrome or Firefox.


Just wanted to bump this topic. It is a must-have / showstopper for me. I need each user/profile to have completely separate cookies, history, bookmarks, extensions, etc. I need to be able to have multiple user windows open at the same time. See Chromium’s UI/UX for this feature, which I consider exemplary.


I too would like to have multiple profiles. I’m a school teacher and keep my personal and school Chrome browser accounts separate. I’d love to use Brave as my default browser, however, that’s the one feature that keeps me from doing so.


I second this request. Chrome is great at this.


I would also really like this feature. Just do it better than firefox where I need to use command line switched to have multiple profiles running at the same time (build that in). In fact, have the profile manager built in as well.

In my case I use the different profiles for tasks where I would have completely different browser configs - 1 for banking, one for testing, one for games, etc.

Otherwise the browser looks good. Should be fun playing.


PS: a PORTABLE version would be even better. A full fledged stand alone portable. That would solve this problem and many others. Want a different profile? load the program from a different directory :smiley:


Whew this is growing wild and wooly fast. - custom labels for sessions - portable (relative directory) profiles - profile switching in app

Given how hot this thread has become lately, I’ll be sure to bring it up in the next design and planning meetings.


Thank you :slight_smile:

You know, to simplify development, you could just make the desktop client inherently portable. So it’s not a case of choosing 1 or the other. The actual app is always portable.

The “non-portable” desktop version is the just a “skin” that some people may prefer - hiding the portability


Depends on your OS too. :slight_smile:

OS X apps are portable, Windows doesn’t do that by default and it’s quite a bit of hacking to use relative paths.



I would also be really pleased to see this feature. Having the possibility to password-protect the different launch profiles and encrypt their data would be even better :).


This is absolutely a must have for me.

I use Chrome’s users to have custom logins and bookmarks for each of my most active clients. This saves me hours every month since I can just open that profile and be logged in to that client’s accounts automatically instead of having to track down their logins.

Additionally, having dedicated history of things I have done within that client’s user browser history assists me with my monthly billing. This would be much more difficult with only one, combined history.

Right now, I’m using Brave only personally but user profiles (names, not numbers) would allow me to use it professionally as well.


Starting to appreciate how challenging this would be. To implement, say, Firefox like profiles (and punting switching to a tool like Multifirefox), still requires doing a considerable amount of violence to the existing application support path (which is currently pinned to the logged in user in a multi user system). I haven’t looked at it in detail, but I imagine this would also have significant upgrade path challenges facing Sync and Payments (whatever that would look in a multi-user environment where each user could support multiple distinct profiles).


And the capacity to sync those profiles across (for me) a large number of devices.


I just wanted to check in on this request and understand if it’s a feature that could be implemented in the next month or so, or if it’s a longer term update.

I tried making the switch cold turkey from Chrome over the weekend but realized that running the 7 different profiles I have in Chrome won’t work using different session tabs. This leaves me with using Brave for my personal browsing profile but needing to keep my different business profiles on Chrome and running simultaneously for now (there’a a couple extensions I use for work as well which have been submitted in the appropriate channel that will hold me back from using Brave for work)

I can appreciate that it is probably a difficult thing to do, so periodic updates on timeline or if it’s being seriously considered would be great.



Is there a way to be advise when this feature will be added?
I would like to switch all my Chromium accounts to Brave as soon as this feature will be available.



Related: Add user manager (for profile switching) at GitHub.


Hi @qualitas,

So far, no ETA yet. :slight_smile:


Any update on this? This feature is really the only thing keeping me from switching entirely. I really need to have separate user profiles for home and work, each with their own extensions, bookmarks, history, etc.