Support for more than one password manager?


It would be great if Brave could support multiple password managers simultaneously. I have long used 1Password on a personal level, but for work purposes I use LastPass Enterprise. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Vivaldi all permit me to use both. Brave makes me choose one or the other.

Any plans for an enhancement?


I have not heard the suggestion for the function. I forwarded it to the dev team.



Ever since I purchased my Windows 7 desktop computer in 2010 I have used PasswordSafe to manage most of my passwords. It’s the first application (app? program? whatchamacaiilit? whatever- they’re all the same to us old dog dummies!) I use to generate and put to use practically all of my passwords. Since then, I have switched browsers from Internet Explorer to Firefox to Chrome, and now I’m trying out Brave. I think we’re on to something great with Brave.
I have also (gasp!) purchased my first smartphone last November, and I’m learning how to use it.
I’m a poor guy, out of work, and computing on the cheap- it’s interesting, but can be done. My stuff HAS to work come hell or high water. Oh, and by he way- all of my devices are cheapies but goodies, too.
I have lately started using LastPass (thank you, How-to Geek) and I’m still a little wary of it. My bank recommends we not use it for their credentials- security precautions, you see. So, it’s good ol’ PasswordSafe to the rescue.I call this password manager “a Swiss army knife made by Timex: does everything, takes a licking, keeps on ticking.” Please pardon my atrocious jingle.
I see lots of password managers mentioned here.
Once I got the hang of typing URLs into the address field of the Brave browser, PasswordSafe, Brave, and I got along fine. It works well to copy and paste email addresses, passwords, user names, and other objects into their respective entry fields. No worries.
Any questions or comments will be most welcome. Please remember I’m a bit of a computer dummy and a lousy typist.
Thanks, guys, for a great browser, and putting up woth my fits of temper.


@Brave support,
Now I use Lastpass via Firefox.
How can I add Lastpass to the Brave browser?
Regards Wim van Bakel


Hi @wjavbak,

You can set it from Preferences > Security. Under Passwords and Forms section, you can choose LastPass from the dropdown.

Hope this can help,
Thank you,


Eljuno, thank you,

Question: Brave advices to download Pepper Flash from Adobe, but I can’t find Pepper Flash. The link in Preferences only points to the normal Flash.

So, where can I find the Pepper version.

Groeten Wim van Bakel 0620248790


Hi @wjavbak,

I think you can download that version of Flash since the site know you’re using Brave. See screenshot.

And this one maybe can help



I’m having a bit of trouble locating the “Preferences” section of the controls you mentioned. Exactly where on the browser window are they?


@phineHas56, did you mean the password section? You can paste about:preferences#security to your URL bar and scroll down to the Password and Forms section. Hope this screenshot can help.




I did what you suggested and see that LastPass has already been selected
by my browser. There are also other choices in this same menu, so I see
you’ve built a lot of flexibility into the Brave browser- thanks! Looks
like your developers have done a thorough job.

Through an oversight, I deleted the Brave installer from my computer.
It’s not likely, but I might need to have it in case of a catastrophic
loss of data from my system. I can back that data up elsewhere. Please
provide a URL to the download site.

I’ll check back with the community for tips and tricks to use this
browser. Sure hope it catches on. Who knows, one day you might shoulder
aside one of the other big guys!



I have run across a small difficulty with my browser involving the
LastPass extension:

When I launch Facebook using LastPass, a tab opens that is a post I made
a couple weeks ago. There was some difficulty making the original post,
because the connection seemed to be slow. The post was an article from
CNET. Clearing the tab manually using the button on the tab window works
OK, but at the next launch of Facebook with LastPass, the offending tab
is back again. This happens over and over, no matter how many times I
repeat the process. When I launch Facebook using PasswordSafe, the
Facebook website opens normally.

I have tried clearing all the data from my browser using the settings
and uninstalling, then reinstalling the browser. I suppose the solution
I need its to clear all the tabs from the browser, but I don’t know how.
Please advise.