Support for Browse By Name in Brave Search (and Brave)

It would be great if Brave Search could add the Browse By Name feature from Google. When you’re typing a search phrase in the address bar and you know exactly where it’s going to go — the first hit on the search results page would be correct — it’s just wasting the user’s time to make them load the search results page and click again.

My understanding is that Browse By Name works if there is a keyword as the search, so searching for “appleid” would take you to Apple’s AppleID site. That seemed to extend to searches where Google was sufficiently confident in the first hit, so searching for “Jamf Now pricing” shows the pricing page for that product directly.

(I’m Feeling Lucky, in comparison, always loaded the top page in the results, which might or might not be good, if the search confidence wasn’t high enough.)

This is the URL format for Browse By Name:

So if you try this search, for instance, it will open the Nissan Leaf page in Firefox or Chrome, but not Brave or Safari.

It’s annoying that Brave doesn’t even pass the Browse By Name URL through to Google like Chrome and Firefox do, but I’d rather use Brave Search anyway. Without having to click through the top hit on the search results page over and over and over again.

Any chance of adding a Browse By Name-like feature to Brave Search that we could access from the address bar?


This works correctly in Brave.

OK, so this is strange. In the current version of Brave (1.32.115), on my Intel-based 2020 iMac running macOS 11.6.1 Big Sur, Brave does NOT open the Nissan Leaf page directly with the above URL.

However, with the same version of Brave on my M1-based MacBook Air running macOS 12.0.1 Monterey, the Nissan Leaf page does open directly, as you say. So the problem is not inherently with Brave, but somehow with my settings on the iMac.

Unfortunately, I can’t see any difference between the two in the obvious places I’ve looked.

And for the Brave Search folks, the request stands to add Browse By Name functionality—I very well may switch back to Google for Browse By Name if I can get it working on all my Macs.