SuperDrag Extention


Select texts and drag&drop to search. This is simple and very useful !


You can search with default search engine by selecting the text and right click on it. Does this extension do anything more than that?


Yes,by changing direction of dropping,we can choose the place of new tab.
With this exteision,we can open a link or search results in Right
Foreground,Right Background,LF,LB tab as we like.

This extension and others like this make our actions to be less. So we can
browse more quickly and more comfortable.


I agree that this would be a great extension to have. It really only needs one function, you left click a link, drag, and let go, and the link opens in a new tab opens rather than navigating the current tab to the link. It allows you to open links very quickly, let’s say you’re going through Reddit and you want to see a few topics without navigating the current tab and then backing out each time. An additional feature that could be added is if you drag highlighted text it can do the default search as you mentioned.


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