Super Simple Payment Choices? (No reply necessary)


  1. I very much appreciate the BAT system and free tokens. Thank you.

  2. Because I work at my homestead & am liable to jump up from my computer/desk to handle something with animals or another interruption that may take a long time, time spent on a particular site is not necessarily indicative of attention at that site.

  3. If, At Your Convenience, you could have a Super Simple Payment Choice option, I would enjoy choosing just a few favorite sites and directing payments to them.

Thank you.


Hi @ElenaHaskins

Interesting idea. Just wondering, have you tried using the ‘pin’ feature for your preferred sites? This way you can set the % manually for the sites you want to contribute to. Just curious if that would work for you in the mean time.



Deselect “auto include” in the payment settings. This will only list all the websites in that section but not selected for payment. Now we can select which site we want to contribute.


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