Suggestions to make Brave the best browser


I have been looking for a browser t support the outdated one I am using and came across your Brave Browser.

After using it for a few days I found a few issues

  1. No ability to import/export bookmarks
    I would have to enter all my bookmarks again to switch to your app. Plus I will be buying a new
    tablet. I would have to reenter all my bookmarks for the second time.
    I have my current bookmarks saved as a file on my pc ready to import

  2. No skin or theme or customize option
    The current color/theme is very difficult and impossible to see at night

  3. Need quick option to clear temp and cache
    The current method is just as poorly implemented and cumbersome as chrome
    It should be a one-click shortcut

  4. Why do we need a useless reminder on the home screen with ad blocker totals.
    I know some people may want to see this. But as long as the ad blocker works, that is all I am concerned about

  5. No shortcut on brave browser main screen for frequently visited sites
    To visit sites I frequent, I have to go through many steps just to get to the bookmarks

  6. There is one site I go to many times a day looking for work. It would be nice if I could add a shortcut
    to my phone home screen to go right to that site in brave

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