Suggestions such as acrylic fluent design


i’ve used vivaldi as my default browser for some time now i love that it colors itself after website, i always wanted the urlbar to only be visible when you hover over it to combine the titlebar and urlbar, then i found out about brave browser which does exactly that so here are a few suggestions to perfect it to me

1.button customization like firefox so you can remove or add buttons i especially want to get rid of the brave logo button and bookmark icon i also want to put the refresh button in the urlbar
2.coloring of the urlbar i’d like to get rid of the white background so it’s just text like a titlebar this is similar to my own concept design of a browser i made back in 2014
3.coloring of the bar after website with fluent design acrylic support (acrylic support to make the entire bar glass would make it a browser that stands out among every other browser out there especially if the color changes after website
4.if possible making it a microsoft store app i hate using regular exes i prefer to have everything seamlessly updated through the store
5.setting to make the entire bar smaller right now theres a empty space under the resize buttons i’d like to make the bar smaller so the resize buttons fit perfectly
6.make the forward button go away wyhen it’s not needed
7.add an option to always launch in incognito mode, or always use in tor so that tor is not just for a new incognito tab, assign a website to always use tor, so when you open netflix for example it will enable tor because that particular website is assigned to use tor
8.sidebar tabs like i have it on vivaldi or keep tabs under a button instead again this is similar to my own browser concept i made back in 2014 where you press a button and get a list of tabs instead of every tab always there
9.proper cookie control, wipe cookies when a tab is closed unless website is whitelisted, wipe cookies every 5 min keeping whitelisted ones, apply cookies only when on the website such as login cookies keep cookies inactive when not on the website they are needed for to remember the login, multiple cookies meaning you can keep multiple logins on the same website.
10. universal video downloader support no matter what kind of video it is you can download it no matter what player it is, the browser will just make a small window and record video for you so you can download it, if you can’t download it normally
11.option to get rid of the url in the titlebar so only the titlebar shows not the url as well, so instead of I Google it would be just google
12.the animation that occurs when you hover the mouse over a tab use that animation when you select a tab

i’ve included a picture of my own browser design you’ll see what i mean by getting rid of the white bar, i also included a picture showing how i want to manage tabs if not having them on the side like vivaldi this picture is from 2015 so don’t expect great quality.


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