Suggestions for the NTP (Mobile)

I know there’s already plenty of feedback about the New Tab Page, and I understand not all of it will make it to the final product, but I haven’t seen as much discussion about the NTP on mobile, so I would like to make some suggestions on how to improve it.

What the NTP looks like now

Since Brave is based on Chromium, I think modifying the NTP as seen in Chrome would be easier than doing it from scratch. So here’s what I would suggest:

Here it is in an ordered list:

  • Dark theme for NTP, also for the mobile browser as a whole. A purple theme for private mode would be cool as well, to match what we have in Brave Desktop.
  • Top 1/3 should be the Brave logo. Directly beneath it, a search bar.
  • Underneath search bar, keep the current 8 website shortcuts
  • Next, use one of two things: the stats that we see on the current NTP, or a changelog section, detailing whatever is new in the current build of Brave.
  • Possibly make the NTP scrollable, with the benefits of using Brave listed below, and either the stats or changelog feature depending on which one the user does not display. This would be similar to the DuckDuckGo or StartPage pages. IMO, if this is actually implemented, there should be an option to disable this.

I know this is a lot to work on, but it would mean Brave would have the best NTP in the business. Also, if the user wants their own NTP, Brave should give the option to set a custom one as well. I know many people would like to see this.