Suggestions and Recommendations for new user?

@darkshark1202, hi!
Sorry about the bleak impression of our Community. We’ve got lots of nice people here I promise! Glad you decided to reach out anyway!

So there’s a lot to unpack in your post here. It sounds like you’re looking for a more private browsing experience - at least with respect to who can see and/or track your data. You also mentioned being a Chrome user previously and wanting to distance yourself or at least seek alternatives. I’ll touch on some of these things but a (very) brief introduction to Brave’s product and motives should be enough to get you started. So let’s see…

Brave Browser

Since you’re here, you probably already have some idea about us but the two main points are summed up nicely on the About Us page,

Brave is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience – while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.

The browser comes with built in protections against several forms of unwanted or malicious content online, from more extreme forms like malware and phishing to (seemingly) innocuous ones like ads and tracking techniques. Many of these protections fall under the control of ‘Brave’s Shields’. Oh, and the founder, Brendan Eich, created Javascript and co-founded Mozilla. Here’s some resources you should find useful if you’re interested in learning more about Brave and it’s features:
An intro for your eyes
(Very)Brief explanation of Shields
Brendan Eich Writes to the US Senate
AMA with CEO Brendan Eich
AMA with CTO Brian Bondy

Leaving Google

Our new browser UI is built on the open source chromium project, so you should familiar with using the browser already. You can also import all your information from Google Chrome directly into Brave. It’s also compatible with any extension that would run on Google Chrome. Note that no data will be sent to google or any other third party without your consent. More on the Browser rewrite and how we protect your data:
Deviations from Chromium
Brave vs Chromium vs Google Chrome
Importing your data into Brave
Adding Extensions
Super fast

Search Engines

There’s tons! Is there a particular reason you don’t like Duck Duck Go? They’re good people who also have your privacy in mind. And they’ve been doing this for some time now :duck::duck:
Here’s some alternatives anyway:

You can change them at any time in Brave:

I hope this help!
Please let me know what remaining questions you have.

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