Suggestion: Parental Controls

One of the biggest markets I see for Brave in the future is children and teens, as they don’t have much preference of browser (they’ll just use what their parents install or what they’re told to use by online influencers) and are always absorbing content (with a ton of that content being Youtube and Twitch). A big roadblock however, is that I wouldn’t feel safe as a parent providing my child with BAT to donate monthly to their favorite youtubers. What if they increase it from $5 a month donated to $15 and use up the allowance I gave them 3x faster than expected, or what if it was just an accident?

So my suggestion is that Brave include optional parental controls on the Brave Contributions feature, just a simple password would be more than enough. All consoles have parental controls since while they’re targeted at both adults and children, children make up an important part of the target market. I feel Brave should take the same approach in order to increase Brave visibility, as having younger users donate Brave Growth Pool BAT or their parents BAT to youtubers will most likely bring BAT to the attention of the most trending youtubers (children practically decide who makes money on youtube, just look at PewDiePie, Minecraft lets players, etc…).

I’ve posted this before here but didn’t receive much feedback so I apologize for the repost. Tagging @alex as that was something I was told to do on the last post, and looking forward to hearing feedback!


I would expand this to offer the ability to disable private windows.