Suggestion: Bookmarks on Home Page


Would be great if we could change Home page to Bookmarks page (instead of the not-so-useful recent/often page).



Hi @dak21j3dajksdaldhalj can’t you just paste ‘about:bookmarks’ in your general settings ‘my homepage’ or are you suggesting something else.


As i understand @dak21j3dajksdaldhalj it’s about a speed dial feature. That’s also why I came here to suggest it. Like the opera android apps already have it. To be really precise about the feature here is the description from opera’s FAQ:

Speed Dial is a set of visual bookmarks that is displayed every time you open a new tab, giving you quick access to your favorite websites and extensions. Each entry in Speed Dial is represented by a thumbnail, and clicking on the thumbnail opens a webpage.

That would be the feature, which will make me switch to brave. Thanks for all your hard work in any case!


We are going to redesign the Home Page in the near feature. We are working on sync and critical security features currently.


I definitely agree.
A speed dial is almost essential to me.
That, or a sidebar bookmark “handler”, either one that links to a speed dial, like Opera, or one that just produces the same menu as when you show the menu toolbar and then “bookmarks” on that.


doesn’t work on Android, only desktops


I like your idea. I am thinking of a page of my favorite bookmarks similiar to the bookmark toolbar used in Firefox for Windows. I realize a toolbar for tablets or phones would be impractical, but a page dedicated to your favorite bookmarks and the ability to manually arrange them would be nice. Displaying them as icons would be nice also.


Would be great if we could change the home page in general ^^

For the inbuilt home page, as a tablet user with lots of screen space I’d actually like all of it, bookmarks, history, and most visited, right on my newtab page.


+1 for this to be added.

It’s a fairly important feature for a fluid browsing experience, particularly when using a phone. It’s a bit cumbersome having to go in to bookmarks each time.

Firefox does it pretty well, open new tab and get the option of bookmarks, recents, etc.

Otherwise, great browser so far!




The icons used for ‘recent / often’ now, would be better suited for speed dials.

Workaround: visit your desired speed dials five times in a row each. Voila. They’re displayed in that spot now.


Yeah, I want bookmarks as start page too.




simply add chrome-native://bookmarks in your preference as start page

For an history startpage, add: chrome://history


Ok, how?
Can’t find preference for start page.


Sorry, there is a difference with android version. chrome://bookmarks doesn’t work! :roll_eyes:

The right address/url to put in Settings/Start Page is chrome-native://bookmarks

For history, it’s chrome://history




If I put chrome-native://bookmarks in the url field of Brave, Brave only opens my search engine page (DuckDuckGo).
I don’t know how to edit the start page.


Go to Brave Settings… you should find there how to customize the home page address


Ok, it’s in german, but I can’t see any option with start or home page address.


I did it on a samsung tablet, but it looks like this option is not available on a portable phone


I tried it on my Nexus10 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S. I can’t find it.


Old Galaxy Tab A, that’s french,
1: Home page: enabled,
2: Enabled, open this page: chrome-native…