[SUGGESTION] Bookmark Titles


If I might make a suggestion…
When showing bookmarks, please allow the user to keep a BLANK title, without forcing the URL to becomes the title.

I have a lot of bookmarks embedded on my Bookmarks Bar. Normally, I allow the icon to be it’s identifier (i.e. Pinterest, Twitter, etc.), so I leave the bookmark title blank in order to save space. When I imported my bookmarks, I noticed that Brave populates my titles with the URL when a proper title is not provided, and this cannot be “undone”. Now, instead of seeing 34 bookmark icons, i see only 19 bookmarks with their respective URLs. :’(


Thanks for the feedback @johncalvinhall!

First, if you want to show favicon only, you can set it via Preferences/Settings > General > Bookmarks bar.

If you want mix of favicon only + favicon and text, you can leave a single space as a workaround. An issue logged for this here

And this one for empty title bookmark on import