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Hello all,

So I am trying to switch over to using Brave as my main browser, hence all of my posts recently, suggesting things/asking for help.

A quick question for you all…
When going to type ‘you’ for ‘’ in the address bar, I am given an actual Youtube video as the main result… It’s becoming really annoying as I normally just type ‘You’ and hit enter to obviously go to Is this a bug? Can I set a site as the ‘main result’?

To be honest, I’m not sure why this video would be coming up as the suggested site as I’ve only watched it once, and gone to the Youtube hompeage way more…


Duplicate of URL address autocomplete is extremely annoying?


Thanks @eljuno, are we able to track the issue? Do you know when this will be fixed?


Will cc @suguru for the issue. Re: to track the issue.


I’m sure that issue was addressed and will be available in 0.19

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