Suggested extension: Dragon Naturally Speaking

As a disabled person who cannot type I am 99% dependent on voice dictation to browse the internet. I use the market leading product for voice dictation Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Although Dragon Naturally Speaking will do some functionality with any application running on Windows or MacOS, the Chrome extension makes its use much deeper and more useful.

Realistically I can’t use the Brave browser without this extension. So I know this is a long shot but on behalf of my fellow users of Dragon Naturally Speaking it would be wonderful to have access to this extension in Brave.

This is the official description from the Chrome Web Store:

"Dragon Web Extension for Chrome
For Dragon 13 or later, this extension gives Dragon’s full power in Chrome:

  • clicking objects by name (e.g. say “Click Contact” for a link named Contact)
  • enhanced dictating and editing (note: in Google Docs, you can work directly or indirectly) “”