Suffering Laggy Slow Performance


Problem: Brave on Windows 10, for me, has been incredibly slow and laggy. Slow start-up, new tabs take >5 seconds to open and load, general browsing, clicking, webpage loading is also very slow. This has remained the case over multiple updates over the last few months and has gotten to the point where it is so painful I am ready to abandon the browser. I have tried to clear the cache, and browsing history, and other attempted fixes but nothing seems to work.

Brave browser on my Windows 10 machine and Macbook Air at work are working fine however. It is only my home machine suffering these issues. Chrome at home on same machine has no issues.

I have searched the archives and the last thread I found on this is from 9 February 2018 and no solution seemed to be on offer.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.



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