Suddenly, I am no longer able to login to my Gmail account with Brave
There are no support responses that offer any practical process or solution for this problem. What’s the point of having Brave if I have to resort to one of the creepy Skynet browsers to access my email?

Hey, could you try with shields off? (click on the brave icon in the URL bar)

Also, if you’re on desktop / Mac, could you try logging in in a private window or creating a new profile (click on the Hamburger Menu / three horizontal lines in the top right corner)

I did try the shields off, and I’m using a Windows laptop. No change in result.

For several months now, I’ve been unable to open Gmail on Brave, on a Mac. The google workspace graphic rolls, the progress bar creeps slowly to the right, then stops close to the end, done. Everything else works. Thoughts?

I guess no one has a clue why this problem is insurmountable. Maybe I’m the only one on this planet to have this problem. Well done Brave.

You haven’t explained or said anything about the problem.
No OS, no version of Brave, no screenshot or anything useful to know what the problem is exactly.
You can’t expect people to read your mind and magically help you.

Maybe that’s why you never got a useful answer.

Also, you are using gmail, Brave can’t stop Google from meddling with your email or the Gov from doing it if Google is giving access to your email.

What can Brave do? you are in their domain, under their full control, using their servers, there is nothing Brave can do to stop google. So using Brave or another browser will do the same exact thing.

You already gave them your IP, phone number, all your emails, searches, history, youtube information and any google service you have used under your account.

Anti-tracking technology is effective against third parties, that means, Google ads and trackers in a random website, but once you are in a domain, the domain can know anything about you.

Anyway, what exactly is the error you are getting? If turning Shields off didn’t work, then it is not Shields and the problem could be anything, because Desktop, iOS and Android act differently in different situations.

Should I now respond to your imagination? I respect that you have a hard-on for the Google, but what does that have to do with Brave’s sudden and spontaneous inability to open a gmail account?

You are actually the dumb person who is asking for ‘help’… you should at least be grateful, clown.

And you are the one saying the dumb statement

What’s the point of having Brave if I have to resort to one of the creepy Skynet browsers to access my email?

Again, Brave can’t stop Google from tracking you when you are using Google services like Gmail… isn’t it obvious?.. I guess not for you.

I mean, do you understand that Gmail belongs to Google? and when you login, you have to do it with GOOGLE account? Google = tracking you because you are in Google server = domain? wow… that’s so hard to understand!!!

I really don’t care one single second if your can log in or not, you are the one crying a year ago, how ‘nobody is helping me… oh please, someone helps me’ I say what you have to test, and you start with you braindead comment.

At least I hope not to get braindead responses from really braindead people.

So either get a brain, learn how to write a post, learn how to post what ERROR you are getting, learn how to take screenshots and give information… again, nobody can read your mind, and while it is pretty much empty… I am sure of that, at least you can help others to help you.

Bye! crying dumb internet user “please I can’t log in Gmail, and I don’t understand technology or give any info but please well done Brave, I am going to blame you even though it works for everyone else”

lol… pathetic, and please don’t respond to me, I don’t want to see your name in be reminded there are braindead people in the world and then one level below.

Google on the brain? You eat, sleep and excrete Google. Your incompetence as a brave Brave helper need not be foisted upon the Google, you’d be just as inept without them as you are with them.
I’ll keep responding until you’ve earned your toaster oven prize. Then I’ll let you move on to help the next lost soul trying to use the Brave.

@parabellumgw did you try in a new profile? Most likely when there’s issue with Brave itself or some settings / extensions, it does get solved in a new profile. If you still aren’t able to then that indicates there’s a bigger issue.

I’ll try that, thank you. I’m still wondering how there was a spontaneous failure, after my current profile had no problem using Gmail for nearly a year. I guess that answer is a bridge too far, but it would be nice to know how likely it is this problem will recur with the new profile.

Issues can be created when you add new extensions, cookies and other stuff. Can’t exactly say what causes things to go wrong but certainly the above things have contributed to it in the past.

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