Suddenly getting YouTube ads?

Reloading the YouTube page works…if you’re not also running the AutoplayStopper extension because Brave no longer prevents videos from playing automatically.

FYI for the devs, I started seeing ads on YouTube a few days ago, and on Google today. I’m sorry to say, I don’t have the time right now to try the beta.

I see ads on YouTube starting page but not while watching videos on brave for Android

What does the icon even look like please? Baffled… TY

Same here… Brave is essentially useless to me now.

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See the latest response:

Just sat through the first ads on the beta. I don’t blame Google for ‘fixing’ this feature in Brave, it’s what they live off. But it sucks big time. I have seen all the breakthroughs resulting from dentists that decided it was their mission in life to change the way I look at adhesives…

Youtube pushing the ads through or find a way how will always be a cat and mouse battle but it’s annoying for sure.

What bothers me more is that the user feedback on several other topics is completely ignored in regard to the need for certain features and functionalities, why would I stick with Brave at all. Already we have to take a leap of faith in making Brave the default browser as a user, we have to report sites that simply do not function constantly and in some instances we are still forced to make use of an alternative browser to get sh*t done.

This browser and company better makes a turn for the better soon, or I will really have to go with a different one - with less potential.

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Did anyone get official update from Brave that removes YouTube adds? I am not sure if I should install beta version so I will wait for the official version. Waiting to get rid of YouTube adds for good.

1.10.97 still get ads

I’m still waiting on Brave to even fully comment on this, I’m getting the suspicion that the adblock has been exempted on Youtube…

Why I still see youtube ads ? I cleared all the cookies but after some days, youtube ads appreared again. Please fix it ASAP or there won’t be any need to use Brave. Thanks

Wanted to drop into this thread and let everyone know that we have an YouTube Ads bypassing Shields megathread, where you can help us resolve this issue by providing some basic information:

Same problem. But youtube only show me add at start when i open a video on a new tab. (i delete all cache but not works).

  • I use laptop, windows 7.
  • Country: Chile, SouthAmerica.
  • Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (32-bit)

One thing to possibly note, I blocked JavaScript on youtube by default (in the site options) and that STOPS the ads (so far that I’ve seen), but every time I view a new video I have to go into to the BRAVE SHIELDS options, expand Scripts Blocked and allow just the one

it’s annoying but better than being force fed ads

From the burger menu I just navigated to ‘Brave ad Block’ ticked my region and I did not get any kind of ads on you tube . It was as easy as that

worked for me thanks.

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