Suddenly getting YouTube ads?

Try this: @GGG @slyness @ArthurSwart @Reffy @sdlfk323

Reload youtube, make sure all shields settings are enabled, and see if it helps.


Ok that seemed to work, thank you fanboynz I really appreciate your help with this :slight_smile: Let’s hope it stays that way ^^


Yeah didn’t work for me, if I use adblockplus I am getting a lot of “An error occurred, please try again later. (Playback ID …)” errors. video still plays though, about 5 seconds after that message, lot of people reporting this at the official youtube forums as well. I believe YouTube is playing with something and it is certain geographical areas that they are testing this out on, which they always seem to do, and as of course they do not want us blocking their ads. Thanks for the help though.

Didn’t work for me. Same problem as @GGG

I have this problem too…
I tried what did you say, I will come with results after I will test it.

Optionally, does Brave Beta work?

For me it helps…For the moment…I have not receive any ads for one hour…
Hope I won’t receive any more

Seems like Youtube ads are back with a vengeance complete with no option to skip. Had to revert back to Chrome in the interim until this issue is fixed. Really frustrating as I absolutely love Brave but there’s no way I can sit through 2 adverts every time I want to watch a Youtube vid… On another note, I have tried all the fixes listed above but they’re not working for me. Sad times :frowning:

Chrome or brave with adblock plus. That is what I am doing at the moment, you may get a “an error occurred, please try again later. (Playback ID …).” error sometimes and a black screen but after a few seconds the vid will load. Bit of a pain but better than ads.

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Ok, the solution worked on my desktop but not on my mobile, it seems I have to keep doing the fix every time i close down and reopen the brave app. So it is youtube doing this, luckily I have Bitchute to fall back on and most likely the site that replaces the awful youtube, but it’s still annoying as heck

fix asap please Brave team :slight_smile:

Still watching about two minutes of ‘inspirational breakthroughs’ before being able to look at content. Brave on OSX is still watchable. Youtube lives off advertisement, I don’t blame them for reacting. Too bad it results in an unwatchable product. TWO 2 minute ads before I can watch an 8 minute clip! Really?

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It seems that now YouTube fight back to all people with adblocker installed…And there is no way to block theirs ads. One thing more is that most browsers like this or Chrome or new Edge use Chromium as open source platform so Google can easy ensure that all users will receive ads…
A little bit annoying…:unamused:

Bitchute would be OK if more normies used it but at the moment it is too political. Rogan going to spotify hopefully will bring the masses there although not sure if normal people will be able to upload and or stream. I presume brave works on spotify? YouTube needs some serious competition.

I noticed a thing that is crazy…
When I listen music from a playlist I did not receive any ad…
But when I open a new YouTube video from a new file I receive an ad but only at start…And that ad has no skip button…Even it has 2 minutes :cry:

Try Brave Beta @Andrei.T

But there is another thing…With adblock plus extension I did not see ads but with shields I do but only when I first opened the file…
It is complicated to explain…:)))

I installed it…
There is no way to import settings and most important, passwords from actual Brave, only from Chrome or Edge?

Yes, @fanboynz, this fixed the issue for me. I started to get the ads a few days ago to. Seems that this solved it.

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Ad still appears on YouTube

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I tried Adguard and a couple of others but always got the error… Someone above mentioned Adblock Plus, tried that, ads gone and no error. This will be the plan until Brave figures it out. Thanks to the person that posted Adblock Plus!