Suddenly getting YouTube ads?

There is Brave Beta on Google Play…So you could install it…

Tried it and it didn’t work as I’m still getting ads on my mobile app. Really sucks tbh so I’ve uninstalled brave until this is fixed. Using free adblocker browser for the time being as it at least works on stopping ads playing. Not so much on displayed ads on the pages but at least I don’t have to suffer them played

Here with last update
[Versiunea 1.10.90 Chromium: 83.0.4103.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)]
Still receiving ads in YouTube…But now I can skip them…It is better…Until this problem will be resolved…If will be resolved…because Google does not want to lose so much money from ads…

Just saw my first ad this morning on YouTube. Brave up to date. Shields up. Will try the suggestions.

I just saw my first add on youtube using Brave today.
I never saw an add before and did not change any ad related settings recently.
Shields are all up.
I’ll try suggestions.

YouTube have made some dramatic changes now, that cookie hack that I posted the link to early in this thread that forces YouTube to use the old layout no longer works as of today and if using adblockplus, adblock ultimate on desktop every second video will give a “An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: random letters and numbers)”, I believe this message stays for as long as the ad was suppose to play for, very annoying.

I came here too for the same issue. I seems to be successful by installing Ublock and setting the protection only on the YT site (options). I then disable ads blocking for YT in Brave and let Ublock handle that site. So far adds are gone. (desktop version)

I made an account just for this issue. As of two weeks ago, I can’t block ads on YouTube. Yes, shields are up. Yes, I cleared cookies and cache. I’m not a tech illiterate tard so don’t even ask. I had used this brave browser for Android app specifically for YouTube, and even had it set to the mobile website for my homepage. Saying “it’s a YouTube thing, not brave” is an absolute cop-out. It’s funny, no one who uses browsers with AdBlock and NoScript seem to have this issue. People with UBlockOrigin don’t have this issue. I’ve supported brave and beta/alpha tested it for years, only to see it become a massive failure. Either this issue needs fixed or I’ll go find something superior because when you say it’s YouTube and not brave, you’re just proving the major tech firms have evolved beyond the capacity of brave. Either brave should evolve or it’ll go the way of the dinosaur, too. What a massive pile of crap.

Like I said YouTube are trying their hardest to make these adblockers worthless, at the momment using adblockplus or adblock ultimate I am getting a lot of Please try again later. (Playback ID: random letters and numbers) and the video won’t load for 30 seconds or a minute, I believe it is for as long as the ad in suppose to run. After that period the video will automatically load. I will now try UblockOrigin but won’t hold my breath. If this doesn’t happen to you it just means YouTube hasn’t updated for you yet, they roll out updates gradually, some people instantly, some a week later.

Was also irritated by getting ads with Brave on Youtube lately. :smiley:

But I’ve found some kind of “Workaround” - or at least a possibility to skip the ad manually:

  • Start video, ad appears
  • open BraveShield -> activate script-blocking -> deactivate script-blocking
  • ad is gone

At least on desktop this seems to work.

As soon as I see ads I reload page and it doesn’t appear again

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Reloading the YouTube page works…if you’re not also running the AutoplayStopper extension because Brave no longer prevents videos from playing automatically.

FYI for the devs, I started seeing ads on YouTube a few days ago, and on Google today. I’m sorry to say, I don’t have the time right now to try the beta.

I see ads on YouTube starting page but not while watching videos on brave for Android

What does the icon even look like please? Baffled… TY

Same here… Brave is essentially useless to me now.

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See the latest response:

Just sat through the first ads on the beta. I don’t blame Google for ‘fixing’ this feature in Brave, it’s what they live off. But it sucks big time. I have seen all the breakthroughs resulting from dentists that decided it was their mission in life to change the way I look at adhesives…

Youtube pushing the ads through or find a way how will always be a cat and mouse battle but it’s annoying for sure.

What bothers me more is that the user feedback on several other topics is completely ignored in regard to the need for certain features and functionalities, why would I stick with Brave at all. Already we have to take a leap of faith in making Brave the default browser as a user, we have to report sites that simply do not function constantly and in some instances we are still forced to make use of an alternative browser to get sh*t done.

This browser and company better makes a turn for the better soon, or I will really have to go with a different one - with less potential.

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Did anyone get official update from Brave that removes YouTube adds? I am not sure if I should install beta version so I will wait for the official version. Waiting to get rid of YouTube adds for good.

1.10.97 still get ads