Sudden stoppage (one month ago) no ads, no payout from May

Description of the issue:
I’ve been having some trouble… Brave worked great before, but there was a sudden stoppage about one month ago, and no toast notification ads since then. I continue to receive ads from Sponsored Background Images, but no BAT payment from anything, it’s frozen at 9.855 BAT.
Also, this might be the same issue, but the 9.855 BAT has not been processed for May.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:

Reproduces how often:
Consistent over 1 month

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows 10 Home OS build: 19041.985
Version 1.24.84 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Followed & checked these things so far:
Wallet is validated
Toast Notifications work:
As well as everything in this guide: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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Exactly the same here. Have posted about 3 times or so, never got any answer. This is more than frustrating.

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Same here. I have stopped receiving ads and BAT for a week. The problem started when I began using the brave browser on a second laptop in the same household.

Same for me … Stop receiving BATs since 8th may.

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Was that actually what it was? Did you fix it?

I seem to vaguely remember syncing brave with a secondary laptop during that time.

Brave and BAT work perfectly fine on the alternate laptop. I didn’t consider that a possibility because there is nothing in the troubleshooting guides about that.

Well, I was getting about .25 BAT per day on the first laptop. When I installed it on the second I got .02 per day on the second and still .25 per day on the first laptop. After a week, the second got .15 BAT per day and nothing on the first. Now I am getting less than .15 BAT per day on the second and still nothing on the first. I wonder if the anti-fraud measures think I am trying to double dip and cut off my earnings.

You would think that having the browser on more than one computer in a household would be a GOOD thing.

It is a deadly bug that no support can solve.

Maybe the software developers are hiding :rofl: :rofl:

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Welcome to Brave, a browser full of problems … We have people here who have not received BAT payments for almost a year. The support team does not help, just asks for information and says it is a bug but does not solve anything. Now there are no ads … Forget this, someone must be making a lot of money with this “bug”, but it is certainly not the users.


Best hope became best regrets. I had fun troubleshooting and wasted lots of time.

Hey guys ) just thought I’d update for anyone who’s had the same issue as me.

It’s been three weeks, and I haven’t received a response from customer support. I have seen them active in other posts.

This leads me to believe that, whatever bug I have, it is a high level type of bug they don’t know how to fix, and/or a small minority of people are affected.

Therefore I’ve decided to just give up on fixing it for now, as well as opt-out of Brave Rewards on my other computers. Since I don’t know the source of the problem, I don’t have confidence of earning BAT even if I see it in the browser. Maybe later on down the line when they are able to streamline the process of earning BAT, I’ll come back.

I still believe in the project and really hope Brave to succeed, I just think the technical difficulties of most people, as well as the long, drawn-out process of troubleshooting, is an indicator the technology isn’t ready for mass adoption yet.

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