Sudden loss of 6 windows & 60 tabs after clicking "Close"


Any suggestions besides going into history and reinstating ever single tab, one at a time? I’m doing research work on a book and i need most of those tabs. Thanks. Leroy Grey


How about this:

Assuming your tabs are spread out evenly (i.e. ten tabs per window), got to Settings/Tabs and change the number of tabs per set to 10 instead of the default 20 (or whatever it is). Next in Settings/General Settings and set the “Brave starts with” dropdown to “my windows / tabs from last time”.

Incidentally, if you definitely prefer the multiple window approach then the name of the setting seems to suggest that it will reopen several windows if that’s what you had open last time. You will get that behaviour if you remember to Quit Brave rather than close each window individually. Closing a window individually will close each one without quitting and only when the last window is closed will it save state meaning that when you restart Brave you’ll only get back the last window you closed.

So there you go. Two things for you to try. Good luck with the book.


Thanks for the feedback but I already had those options set up when my tabs
disappeared. Sorry for the confusion, I didn’t have multiple windows, just
multiple groups of 10 tabs each. I was hoping for a fix similar to
firefox, where I can go in and choose a previous lost session.


This is definitely a thing. When this happens to me, “Reopen Last Closed Window” from the History menu usually works.


Same problem here… MANY TIMES OVER THE PAST YEAR!! It’s extremely frustrating that I can’t choose from a list of previous sessions, like with Firefox. I usually have 5 or 6 windows with 10 tabs each, as I work on multiple projects. I never lose the pinned tabs, but all others are lost and gone forever… forcing me to waste many hours going through my history and getting back to the sites I had open.

The suggested fix of “Open last closed window” does NOT work. What precedes this problem is often the same slow down (is there a memory leak?) and no matter how long I wait, I can’t access anything in brave, the window is blank and up at the top it says “Not responding” and it just sits there forever, finally forcing me to shut down brave from a right click on the task bar icon and choosing “Close Window”. Even then, after the window FINALLY closes, I notice that in my windows task manager all the brave tabs remain open for many minutes… I have to wait till they gradually shut down, then when I open Brave again, no saved tabs and I must start over. This REALLY sucks. I’m thinking of going back to the slower Firefox… at least I won’t have my work so disrupted!!


I already had those settings in place but still keep losing everything from
time to time. And it always happens when the Brave browser locks up,
making it impossible to shut down normally. I’ve noticed that there seems
to be a memory leak or something similar… my memory monitor shows approx.
a 20% increase in memory useage after just sitting there for a few hours,
while I’m away ftom my desktop. This causes a lockup, where it is
impossible to get any tab to open. This forces me to go into Windows Task
Manager and shut down individual instances of Brave, beginning qith the
largest memory hog… after shutting down 2 or 3 of thos tabs the rest
shut down automatically… after a LONG wait.

Sorry for saying “6 window”… I had one window with 6 sets of 10 tabs.

Leroy Grey