Sudden Crash MacOS now seems broken

Posted on r/Brave but also cross posting here. I’m on an old MacBook Air (2012) that can’t run the latest MacOS, so have been unable to update Brave for some good while. MacOS 10.13.6 with Brave have been happily running without a hiccup until today when I switched a tab and Brave crashed. Now when I relaunch and try to restore tabs it does the same unexpected crash/quit. I’ve done a few things like rebooting the MBA, also tried re-installing as Brave rec’s, but there is no compatible version to DL so not an option. I haven’t tried not restoring tabs yet because I usually run with a lot of Windows/Tabs open (and without problem until now) and would hate to lose the whole session. Any Mac/Brave Wizards have any tricks to try? Would hate to go through a browser switch after having it as default for years now. Seems like something got tweaked since it has been quite stable for so long. Nothing new with the System/App’s took place, everything was pretty much just another day on Brave. I do plan on getting a new MacBook soon but need to get this going again for now if I can. I did poke around in the Library>ApplicationSupport>BraveSoftware>Brave-Browser>Crashpad>completed folder and there are some .dmp files from today if they may be useful and someone can read them. Thanks in advance!

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