Subscribing to Premium is a mess

I wanted to subscribe to Search Premium yesterday. My payments were denied. I tried different credit/debit cards which Stripe all didn’t like, but didn’t tell me why. There was no payment-denied notification in my online banking, so I assume it didn’t even get there.

I created a ticket but didn’t get any feedback that the ticket has actually been created or is being processed or anything. So no idea if the ticket actually made it through.

In the evening I tried again from a different computer, where it did accept my debit card. So I logged in on three browsers which went fine. Today I wanted to login on the PC I tried to register from yesterday and got presented with the “a previous payment did not complete” message. Yet I see the successful payment on my online banking. So I did pay. And my account was shown as premium yesterday.

I am still logged into search premium on the three browsers I logged in yesterday, but also when I go to the account page on these browsers, my status is no longer shown as premium but as “payment incomplete”. Trying to complete the payment again (hoping that I won’t be billed twice) my card gets denied again.

I just want to pay you! This feels so weird.

Also that login process back and forth with email links is SUCH a pain. Why not use the typical username+password+TOTP pair?

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You shoulda gotten an email on the one you gave when you filed a ticket. BTW, to make sure that you filed it on the correct page, can you share the link where you created the ticket ?

I created the ticket here:

Okay, great! Had asked cause well there have been cases where people fell into scammy tickets and support. Your one is okay.I’ll tag @SaltyBanana to assist. I will suggest that you share your ticket ID so that if support sees the post they can get to right away.

Really appreciate this kind of feedback. Honest and critical but not rude — the golden ratio!

I agree that this process can be messy at times and I know that we are looking into new implementations for all of these processes in the future.

I will absolutely be passing this feedback onto our Premium team for review and consideration. In addition, I will make sure someone takes a look at the ticket you’ve submitted today. Can you please tell me the ticket number you were given so I can find it in the queue?

Thanks again.

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I kinda fear that maybe my ticket was processed and the payment info has been reset, wiping away my one successful payment attempt. But anyway, I’ll wait for what you find out :slight_smile:

Issue being handled via ticketing system.