Subscribing to a channel through Google account

Subscribing to a channel

When I click subscribe, it wants me to sign in with my gmail account and password. I was always leary of doing that. I signed in today and am now thinking I shouldn’t have.

It says YouTube instead of brave except in the the search bar where brave is visible

Did I do the right thing by logging into Google? I then signed up for a new account with brave. See attached photo, hopefully did it correct.

Reproduces how often Don’t understand this question

Operating System: iPadOS 16.6.1
Brave Version: 1.5 (

Additional Information: Any knowledge or help would be greatly appreciated. TIA

That’s correct, because subscribe is asking them to let you subscribe to content with your account and to receive notifications when new videos are uploaded to that channel. So if you want to subscribe, you have to do it with a YouTube (Google) account.

I’m not quite sure what you’re mentioning here. If I’m to go off of your picture, nothing looks wrong. The top shows that you are on YouTube and you were doing a search on YouTube for leah remini.

As we can see the Brave Shields lion icon and other such buttons, we can know you’re in the Brave browser, which you used to go to YouTube.

There’s not really any account for Brave. So I’m not sure what you’re saying you did on signing up for a new account? Don’t get me wrong, there’s an account for premium features if you’re trying to pay for things like VPN, but based on what you’re showing and phrasing things, I’m going to assume you’d never do that. So might help if you can explain more what you mean about creating a new account with Brave?

Brave had a sign in button so I clicked to see what it was about. Since i knew I didn’t have a brave account I figured I’d create one. Wanted my email, username & password which I did and got a email verification which I confirmed via their email. Now I have an account. Didn’t and am not looking to pay anything. That’s what I meant when I said I created an account.

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It was for a brave community account so I could post my questions

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Okay, I thought you were speaking of something within your browser or something related to YouTube. But yes, the account for us speaking now. So that’s two different websites.

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