Suboptimal bookmark management

When I want to save multiple bookmarks, I usually want to save them to an already existing folder. There is no way to just select that folder and have the bookmarks added in there. Brave compels me to create a new folder so then I regularly have to go back into the bookmark manager, select all the new folder content and drag&drop it into the folder I actually wanted to select.

Please give us the option to select an existing bookmarks folder to save all tabs.


How are you adding these multiple bookmarks? At the end you mention

Which makes it sound like you’re using this feature:

In which case, after selecting the option, you should see the following window appear:

You can select which folder to save your bookmarks in using this window. Is this the type of functionality you’re referring to?

Yes, that is correct.
But whatever folder I select, Brave will create a new folder inside the selected folder.
In your screenshot, let’s say I want the bookmarks to go into “Test”. I can select “Test” but it will create a new folder inside “Test” called “New folder” or whatever name I choose. But I want the bookmarks directly inside “Test” - no extra folder.

Yep – I see exactly what you’re saying now and it seems pretty silly. I think I’ll open an issue to get this looked at. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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