Subnet based shield whitelisting

I work with Fortinet products all day every day. We connect to them via IP as opposed to a DN. Each new device I access requires me to disable the shield to do anything. Due to this being a security product I’m not interested in “fixing” how Shield works with these products - I would suggest being able to simply add a subnet to the Shield whitelist. It would be nice if there was a page to visit where you could see what currently had Shield disabled and be able to add for example* and each new RFC addressed device I hit would automatically be exempted from shields. It’s highly unlikely an Intranet type site is going to have things you wish to block!

Depends on what is being hit by the Sheilds in the first place. Is it the site trackers? cookies? device recognition?

The only thing showing in the quick drop down is 1 for cross-site trackers which appears to be a session state monitor from the devices.

Though currently there is a bug with the whitelisting atm (may not work just yet), The brave://adblock option would be something to look at;


That had no noticed changes for this issue. But, as there is a bug I will keep it in mind for future reference.