Submitted form to unlink previous browsers, could only relink desktop. Relinking android device gives "something wrong error" and android bats gone.

Ok. I am told relinking devices is going to be coming out this month, but being inpatient, I filled out the form to unlink all devices that had since been upgraded or rebooted.
After two weeks, I was toldI could relink. I was able to relink the desktop, but relinking the android phone to uphold gives me a “something is wrong error, please try again”. I reported this and was told I probably had the wrong Uphold ID.
How can that be possible? The uphold ID doesn’t change from one device to another.
I had acquired about six BATs over the course of April and took screen shots. I figured if I couldn’t relink to Uphold on my Android, I could at least claim the BATs. I couldn’t. There was no option one day to another. How can I get those bats back?

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