Subdomain DNS resolution often failing (main domain already resolved)

Hello Im making a website that relies on subdomains and subsubdomains for browsing categories.
Often in brave there are issues when clicking these normal subdomains, even though the links are from the base domain which is already resolved, and I have the webserver next room,
there is delay 2-5+ seconds
there is sometimes failure to open a url completely, today dns resolving failed.
When I reload and click again most often it works as supposed.
Does brave do a new dns query for every subdomain?

it is the webserver that gives different data based on subdomains, and host: parameter in http get that is the only thing that should be different.

why would brave take several seconds or do “dns query” again unless it is doing something shady?

Strictly speaking, any client (such as a browser) must do a DNS lookup on any subdomain or hostname regardless of whether it previously looked up the base domain name. Base domain names and their subdomains are not necessarily hosted on the same server(s) or IP address(es).

Beyond that, many things can explain DNS resolution failures. But to start, are you using ‘Secure DNS’ settings in Brave? What if you turn it off?

secure dns was off,

turning it on does make it work without problems!
other browsers like firefox also work with subdomains without issues

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Looking up dns once is useful, but no one expects the dns record to change if you click on subdomains 10 times in a minute.

By this logic, then normal domain lookups should be done on every click, and thats why there are TTL values, and those should work for subdomains as well.

I’m glad you got it working!

Yes, but those only apply to names you have already looked up. Looking up a domain name does not automatically mean your client learns the IP addresses of all its subdomains.

If you encounter a name that is not already cached – either in the app’s own name cache, or in the OS’es, depending on circumstances – you must look it up. Browsers can optionally ‘preload’ some of those but that just means they are being looked up before you click on them (after they were seen on a page you already loaded).

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