Stylus and Care your Eyes - Extension Request



A far better version of the official Stylish extension, which harvests all your user and browsing data now its owned by some data mining company. Not safe, and not trusted any more by a lot of its old users. Stylus fills that gap and more.

Pair Stylus with this dark UI mode style by the same team to darken all the Stylus settings pages:

Care your Eyes - Extension

This one fills the gap to darken all those random white background web pages you encounter every day, an article on some random site you land on. Not worth looking for or creating a Style using the above stylus extension. Using Care your Eyes in White list mode and then when on a white or light BG page you want to darken just click the extension icon and chose ‘Enable at this site’. And your get a nice default dark brown hue of BG and text colors which is most pleasant on the eye. It remembers top level domains and the dev will soon make it also just remember single pages on domains.

Until the Brave browser devs implement their dark mode UI and maybe some default feature like the above ‘Care your Eyes’ extension. Then these two above are really the best and simplest options.

  • I have no idea about what if any user data care your eyes uses.
  • Stylus was set up though to NOT harvest user data.

Please consider Stylus and Care your eyes. Or Stylus, and your own Brave version of Care your Eyes (with same default hue or Brave Browsers default dark hue color scheme). Which going forward with your dark mode UI should all work together. UI and on-page.

You guys (Brave devs) could create your own version of ‘Care your Eyes’, and have lots of control over that instead. And then also add Stylus to the list of extensions.


Anyone else like these ideas?


Stylus and Tampermonkey would be really good to see with Brave. And the care your eyes extension also. Plus Aduard…