STUCK on boot (Partition is locked, missing), trying Enclosure recovery , copy profiles

so i am stuck on boot , tried many recovery methods but noting worked so i am now going to use the external hdd + enclosure method to recover videos and photos… i can get back to the exact state of windows as i only use few softwares and memorized all of tm however for brave… i am concerned about losing data…does the method of copying brave profiles folder on the program files to the new operating system will restore t state of bookmarks, history, extensions and profiles as it was before ?

exact issue

will it work ?

Hello @scavxo

check this

notice that saved password would not work unless if you already extracted them

and not sure about the reward data if you enabled them

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Thank you

I’m currently stuck in “The Drive where os is installed is locked error” its impossible to boot without formatting everything…so I’m waiting for my enclosure to be delivered from amazon by tomorrow…i can transfer everything using enclosure & external hdd method and backup data using another working computer…once os is installed on my laptop by myself after recovering everything…ill reinstall brave and copy profiles…lets see if brave can retrieve all data such as extensions, bookmarks, history…i really want bookmarks…i’ll update what went on within next 4 days.

you welcome

you can access the hard by using something called any os live cd

try ubuntu or fedora

it would not cost you it free and would not install anything

you will need blank dvd or empty usb drive(flash memory) (this drive will be format) around 2 4 GB

you can use also windows live cd if you like but it require

  1. a device that has at least windows 8 or 10
  2. to get the iso of the windows 10 you can get it from here
  3. that will create a bootable flash memory you can use it also to create the bootable usb for ubuntu and fedora
  4. this will require a bigger flash memory 8 - 16 GB

nothing else

let me know if you want and help with that way and have a nice day

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