Streams stop with every volume change

I’m using Brave
Whenever I change the volume on a video or streaming audio or video, it stops! This is very annoying, any idea why this happens, or how to fix it?
This has been reported since DEC. 2020, and Bravo knows this is an issue still, why has nothing been done to fix it yet?

This issue has been fixed — can you please tell me what specific sites you still see this behavior on?


Latest Brave Browser version is 1.39.122 (Thursday, June 9, 2022)

IF the issue still exists, bring that to the attention of @Mattches

I do have this version, and the issue still persists, it’s not been fixed.

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As I asked previously, can you please tell me what sites you’re seeing this behavior on so I can test on my end? I’m not seeing this behavior on Youtube, Vimeo, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, or on videos embedded in websites.


Brave Browser for Mac OS v1.39.122
Chromium: 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (x86_64)

I am testing YouTube.

Mac keyboard sound volume control, does not cause the video to stop.

The sound volume control that is in the bottom-border area of the YouTube video . . . if adjusted, will make the video stop.

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This is my mistake — we have had/known about this issue for a while now:

I thought this had already been fixed a while back but apparently I was wrong. I’ve pinged some team members to take a look and get this fixed.


Can confirm, it happens with all website that features an autoplay content (Youtube, Vimeo, Linguee, Soundcloud…)

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Just wanted to update and note that the fix for this has been implemented and pushed into Nightly. Should make its way down the pipeline soon. Appreciate everyone’s patience with this.

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