Streamlined Google Search Results Display


Hello, one feature that is making me hesitant to default to Brave browser is the Google search results interface. In Brave, it still shows up like the old Google search results. In Chrome and all the web browsers I have tried, results are now displayed in tile form, and certain search results yield special tiles at the top. For example, a search for “nfl” will yield a tile with all recent games displayed at the top. This does not work on Brave. Overall, Google search looks a lot cleaner in other browsers, and Brave seems to render an older version of the search engine.

I am using Android 7.0 and Brave 1.0.35.


Enable scripts for google search to see the nice looking google search layout with the other instant answer features.


Ohh!! Got it. Thank you so much. I have now switched to Brave as default.

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