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Have something like duckduckgo’s feedback* button to make it easy and obvious to provide feedback. The Brave icon that opens the Brave Shield’s Panel might just as well be such a feedback icon – relegating the brave sheilds panel to the dropdown menu. When people are having difficulty, the last thing they need is more difficulty in providing feedback about the difficulty they are having.

What I mean, specifically, is that the Brave ‘…’ menu -> Help -> Submit feedback is inadequate for 3 reasons:

  1. It is hidden so first time users are just going to abandon Brave if they have trouble.
  2. If you find it, it takes you to the "“” site which then demands they jump through a bunch of hoops to provide feedback including requiring humans to do stuff that should be automated such as providing the about:brave information along with the feedback.
  3. The kind of feedback provided by new users is likely going to be the kind of thing they won’t want published and is frequently being offered out of the kindness of their hearts – not because they’re desperate to achieve anonymity in web browsing. Treat them accordingly.

*I would actually suggest making it even easier for them to provide feedback than duckduckgo since duckduckgo’s feedback makes you categorize your feedback before providing it. The content of the feedback will have keywords. Get them to type in their frustrations – or even permit voice input – first. Automate review of such feedback with AI techniques – because there will be a lot of it that is worthless. It’s basically classification/rating problem that can likely be trained with a modest amount of human supervision.

Only once you’ve gotten the critical feedback, you might then request very politely (ie: don’t grab control of their browser preventing them from getting on with their day) additional inputs.

The last thing market research needs is for new users to “fail silently”.

Please make community on a better engine

Great idea! It’s something I’m working on currently.

I am trying to find a good balance between having users report easily but not necessitate a 1-at-a-time response since we only have a handful of people to do support, and that’s secondary to their main role in QA.

The problem with having 0 resistance on our feedback channels is that we’ve very often received hostile or nonconstructive feedback which is painfully time consuming to sift through (literally hundreds of messages which require a focused week of effort). When we did that, the responses were often repetitive and we couldn’t have enough time to observe things at a larger scale to analyze trends.

Voice and AI notions are great, but the level of engineering required is way beyond what we could reasonably allocate. We’re not overloaded with ML folks at the moment :slight_smile: I think for the near term, a simple tally is probably the best we can get until I learn more about k-means clustering.

We do currently have crash reporting, but we are missing feedback on web compatibility.

Reporting bugs is nuanced because there are categories of issues ranging from ‘user did not understand how to operate’ to ‘the code as implemented missed an important case / gives wrong results’. For a user, they would like the browser to get out of their way. So in either case it’s a recovery problem from their perception. I do believe a more integrated help system makes sense in that regard so they can find answers or ask new questions in the browser. (again, it would need to be communal due to limited resources)

The current limitation I’m finding is that Discourse (our current community system) doesn’t allow for logins via iframe (a very reasonable security precaution).
We also have a current architectural limitation which does not allow for nice side panels to open, which if you’re trying to read and implement steps to recover from an issue, is quite vital.

If this is something you’re passionate about, I would certainly love to continue the dialog and send some screens your way to explore some possibilities.

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