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I have been using the Brave browser to stream on Funimation. I have since noticed a few bugs and figured that I would post on here to discuss them to see if there is work around and to raise community awareness. Firstly, the navigation buttons (play, fast forward, etc.), and the progress bar for how far you are in the video will not hide themselves. This may very well be on Funimations end, but I wanted to see if anyone had a work around or if Brave could do anything to fix this.

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The auto continue to the next episode function seems to be buggy with Brave, and I have to leave full screen to be able to manually click the button after leaving the full screen mode. Also, I randomly have to refresh the page or it stops playback. IDK if its a streaming issue, an issue with Funimation, an issue with Brave, or what, but I figured reaching out here would be a good start.

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