Streaks of lightning across the page


I’m working with 64-bit Linux Mint 18.3, Brave 0.22.721.

En route to troubleshooting a problem I’m having transferring data from an older install of Brave, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the browser a number of times. Whenever I copied my backed-up files to the current install, the browser refused to start. Even a reinstall wouldn’t fix it unless I also deleted the files in the configuration directory (~/.config/brave).

Somewhere along the way (today), in the course of all this installing, uninstalling and deleting, I started getting this streak of lightning across the page:

The streak tends to run up and down the page as I’m moving the cursor.

It shows up on every webpage I open, to one degree or another, even the dashboard and configuration pages. I’ve been running Brave on this hardware for two days and this only started today. I’ve deleted all of the Brave browser configuration files several times (over the course of troubleshooting the backup problem), and I took the precaution of deleting the .deb file I’d been installing from and downloaded a fresh copy. I’ve done the install using dkpg, gdebi and snap and they all do the same thing. The .deb file is date 24 May.

And idea what might be causing this?


Hm, an option that might be related is “Hardware Acceleration”. This option can be found at about:preferences#advanced. Try disabling it (or enabling it), restarting your browser, seeing if that helps. If not, we can keep trying to see what does!


Well I’ll be. Turning hardware acceleration off fixed it. Which is the opposite of what I would have expected.

This ‘new’ hardware is a compact Dell with the GPU built into the MoBo, and I should have anticipated that it would have shortcomings. I reckon I just found one of 'em.

Thanks for the help!


Thanks for the confirmation @MightyFavog,

I’m going to close this thread for now. Feel free to open a new one if you face another issue(s) or have a questions or feedback.


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