Strange view of a page

Hi, I’m new in this forum and I’m a new user of brave.
I have a problem. When i enter in a portal I use for quoting leasing of volkswagen, the page i see is like the screenshot attacehed.

Welcome to the Community @Manu77 and thanks for reaching out.

Can you try visiting the page and change your shields settings to “Device recognition allowed” via Brave icon at URL bar? And see if it can solve your issue. This is per site shields settings and will not affect other sites.



Ty @eljuno Juno for your help. The site still dont work…
I also tried to remove all the protection but the issue resist…

Try disabling Hardware Acceleration:
Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

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Tyvm @Mattches Mattches but the problem is not fixed…

Can you tell me what site that is exactly?

@Mattches hi!
This is the sitE:
i can’t give you user and pasword :wink:
It’s a cloud software i use for Volkswagen long term rent quotation.

And does this happen when you turn Shields off entirely (that is, toggling “off” the main toggle in the Shields panel while on the site in question)?

@Mattches yep! the problem remain!
see the screenshot attached…

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