Strange Bookmark Bar Behavior

  1. On a very long bookmark list, I can’t see the bottom item - I can just barely make out that there’s another bookmark there (see attached image).
  2. As soon as you right-click on an item in the bookmark list (to control+click to a new tab), the list disappears. Chrome’s stays even after. This is closer to what users want.

I love Brave.


I have a similar issue and have had since first install some months ago and noticed some older posts about this issue which went unanswered.

At the end of my bookmarks list of folders it says “Other folders” but clicking on this brings up nothing. I have about 20/30 individual sites saved not in folders so have to use the search bar to access them.

Clicking on my imported from IE11 folders is even worse.

This is on Win 7 32 bit.

If this is an unusual bug should I reinstall to try solving the problem?

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