Strange behaviour - rewards not paying out from October

The week before the end of the September payout in October, I had 23 BAT with approx 25 estimated payout on 6th October. That week, in the brave shield tiles appeared “collect X tokens” (I think 3 of around 9 tokens each tile). I clicked them and they disappeared, but then kept reappearing next time I looked. Eventually just left them there and checked again on the 6th Oct to see the payout I was expecting. I only got 1.75 BAT paid out.

What happened to all the other BAT?

Also, since then when I click the brave shield, all I get is a spinning circle above the “learn more” text. I’ve sometimes let that circle spin for 15 mins just in case it suddenly works. Never does.

Now seems I got nothing for October either (juts says next payout is 5th Dec.

BAT balance remains at the same as September.

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