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I’m using Brave browser 1.0.43 on Android 8.0.0. I mostly surf in incognito mode. I noticed that I get some strange URL suggestions when starting to type an URL in the address bar. This happens even after reinstalling the app and clearing complete browser cache. Since Google auto-complete doesn’t work in incognito mode, this must somehow be hardcoded.

Some example URLs:

Where do those URLs come from? How to delete/disable those URLs?



cc @LaurenWags and @Serg on this :slight_smile:


Hi @icstyle

If I am not mistaken those come from the Alexa top sites which will show as autosuggestions if you have Privacy->Search and site suggestions enabled. Could you try disabling that and see if it resolves your issue?



Hi @LaurenWags

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, even after disabling all options under privacy, clearing browser cache and force-quitting the app, I’m still getting those suggestions.



What is your default search engine @icstyle?



It’s Google. I just tried changing it to another engine, but didn’t make a difference.


Yup. I do receive them as well.
These are my settings & duckduckgo is my default search engine :


Hi @icstyle and @BOB-vagene

I took a closer look at the issue I was thinking of (for reference it is which made changes to autoselect. I was thinking the option would disable the alexa top sites but that is not the case. To confirm, I am correct in understanding that at least you @icstyle (and maybe you too @BOB-vagene :slight_smile: ) would like the option to not see the alexa top sites suggestions at all?



@LaurenWags yes that would be cool :slight_smile:


1 Question! Does these suggestions from Alexa ranking are been tracked? Or analytics data is send to Amazon on clicks via suggestions?

And yes! An option to disable then would be great! :slight_smile:



@BOB-vagene - nope, no sending analytics data! :slight_smile: those sites actually can be seen here - which is just a static list:

Also - I logged the request to disable this list completely here:



Well, since no data is been collected, then I guess list might come handy. Instead of completely removing it, an option of enabling/disabling results based on alexa ranking would be great :slight_smile:


When will this get fixed? Just got an update through Play Store, bit still I see those strange sites…


@icstyle please refer to this post: When will (any subject) happen?



Hey @icstyle! :smile:

Since the Alexa Auto Suggest Doesn’t Collect Your Data or Share Your Data, I don’t see any problem with those Alexa Top Ranking Suggestions :slight_smile: In fact They Do Come Handy A Lot Of Times To Me
Rather Then Completely Removing It, How About An Option To Enable/Disable it :slight_smile:


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