Storings passwords to password manager


Great product, How ever I am missing the possibility to save credentials to Brave when I am accessing Companys internal Sharepoint sites.
I am using Mac
Safari is able to ask the credentials to Keychain and next time I do not need to put in my userId and pwd.
Firefox and Google Chrome are asking the same thing, but storing the credentials of course to their own pwd managed and next time I go the site, I do not need to fill my credentials.

Brave does not give me this question to store credentials/pwd, but is of coourse asking those when I access the sharepoint sites, but next time I go there (after closing brave) I need to fill the credentials again.
This would be killer app if that feature would be there also.

Master Password

@markus1 I think your request is being discussed and further analysed in this GitHub link as well as further discussions in the these community links


i have to go back to google because you cannot save my ID & passwords for very important sites what is wrong with you people this is soo important