Stored BATs on browser

after region ban lie now stored BATs on browsers rugpulled. Definetly this project out of supply and they found a solution like that.

Can you prove this lie?

Total supply : 1.500.000.000 Bat
CS supply : 1.500.000.000 Bat

Without buy back, how they will provide a lot of BATs to thousands of users? They need to use supply of team or early investors locked BAT

OR; (for me the real reason) They banned regions who has low value against dollar because these countries farm and sell BAT for income. for example India, Argentina etc. and these countries have alot of users. Now this solution save them for a while

gemini or upload great lie, I asked them why don’t you use brave wallet to receive rewards?;
They said “well brave wallet not authorized by these countries because it is not centralized”

bro let me introduce not centralized wallet usecase on these countries : " Metamask "

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This link provides all the info you might need.
Brave Rewards was forced to leave them countries based on the governments, once they are allowed back the regions will be supported hopefully soon.

The money comes from the companies that purchase ads space, you can verify the active campaigns by going to
That is where the money comes from ads bought by companies that just want to advertise.
If you would like to buy ad space go here

show me the document countries banned them or force to leave for example Turkish government?

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A simple search for Turkey

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ahahah euronews document and and date is 16/04/2021 so it is 18 months ago before region ban. Bro if they hire you to answer of these, they really swim in …

edit wrong link here is another link from a government

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When a government takes action like banning some sort of something they usually give about 1 year to comply well sometimes not all the time.

These documents related with buying and selling something with crypto… not related with brave. You don’t sell something with brave token instead of Turkish Lira.

If brave banned in Turkey, how do you show ads in browser? or how even brave browser able to download? When someting banned in Turkey for example VPNs, you can’t even reach to website to download…

There is a difference between receiving rewards and viewing ads.
according to
They are 16 active ad campaigns in turkey. Only because you are not eligible for rewards doesn’t mean you cant get ads just no rewards.

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oh ok great confession, you get benefits from users without their will or “using” them. Is this decentralized solution for future? bro if you are real brave stuff(hope you aren’t) I took screen shots

thanks for confession

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You can verify active ad campaigns in your region here

This is alarming. Also there are no bans from Philippines but they said our region is not supported

Ok region ban but what about all the BATs people lost this way ? Is there any sort of workaround for this ? Why not can’t I just accrue month by month BAT in my browser wallet and let me decide after some time where I want to send it ? Are we going to get our lost BAT back ? I feel like I’ve been duped on this one, this been going on for months now, no notification no nothing…

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