Store Credit Card Infomation

I would like to store credit card information which can be used automatically, even without the integrated password manager

I store my credit card information on my credit card, and nowhere else.

Manually typing in the 23 characters required for the number, expiration and code is a small price to pay for knowing the information isn’t being stored by a vender under who knows what lousy level of security.

That said, Bitwarden’s security is outstanding and it’s autofill capability should meet your needs.

Yes, browsers can do this, as well, either natively or with add-ons, but again, do you trust add-ons?

I do not!

Bitwarden, however, is in the security business, not the add-on business, and it has proven itself to be highly secure, not to mention free for personal use, and only $10 per YEAR with more features.