Stopped receiving ads June 2022

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------stoped receiving ads in June 22

How can this issue be reproduced?

2.reading older ads
3.nothing I do produces ads

Expected result:
Receive ads again
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version - 1.39.120
Mobile Device details
Oppo A72 , running Android 11
Additional Information:

I have been getting 2-3 /hr not 4 and now since June I’ve not received Any ads !! Disappointed because I actually go to and use some of the ads .
Why have my ads stopped ??

I bet your profile is flagged. The exact same thing happened to me this month on the 1st. Try disconnecting one of your browsers from Uphold/Gemini and then try to reconnect. If you are flagged, you will get a notification saying so.

If this is the case and you are indeed flagged, here is the form to fill out.

How do you know if you’re flagged ?? I’ve only got 13 BAT !! Only using 1 device , my phone. I only use 1 browser - Brave. I’m unverified , was going to wait until I had about 20 BAT - being unverified would that stop ads coming ?
By the way thanks for the quick reply with your suggestions , still looking for answers. I only use Brave but am not very tech savvy , so it might be a easy fix but for me I’m not sure where to start , apart from your suggestions

Still don’t know how to tell if you’re flagged or not , and why do people get flagged ??
Before I got to the form I was a bit busy and now that I’ve come back I just got 1 ad !? I didn’t do or change anything so why I didn’t get Any ads for about 10 days I got no idea.
Thanks again for your assistance :pray::australia:

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